Best Meat Grinder Reviews

Which Meat Grinder Should I Purchase?

Best Meat Grinder ReviewsThere are dozens of meat grinders and meat grinder reviews available on the internet today, because their main function is too simply grind meat, it is hard to know where to look. There are a great many benefits to grinding your own meat, including being able to control the thickness as well as having control over any additives. Anyone who is on a strict diet or wishes to know exactly what they are eating will be far better off with a meat grinder as you can be in complete control.

Types Of Meat Grinders

There are basically two different kinds of meat grinders on the market today:

Both types have their own benefits and you should select depending on your circumstances, this should be an easy to decision once you have read through the meat grinder reviews.

Electric Meat Grinder

The electric meat grinder is the best meat grinder for those who intend to grind meat on a regular basis. It is also the best meat grinder for grinding large amounts of meat, however, electric meat grinders do cost more than manual meat grinders and also require electricity so must always be near a socket.

Manual Meat Grinder

If you don’t intend to grind large quantities of meat then a manual meat grinder might be the best option for you. A manual meat grinder is also a great option if you wish to be mobile with the grinder and won’t always have access to electricity.

Best Meat Grinder Reviews

Top 10 Best Meat Grinders Reviews 2016

.75HP Stainless SteelLEM Products .75 HP550W47 LBS2 Years
Norpo Meat GrinderNorpo Meat GrinderManual2.2 LBSN/A
LEM 1 HP Stainless SteelLEM Products 1 HP750W64 LBS2 Years
STX 3000-MFSTX 3000-MF Megaforce1200W12 LBS1 Year
Sportsman MEG300Sportsman MEG300300W6LBS1 Year
Sunmile G33Sunmile G33800W8.8 LBS1 Year
STX 3000-TFSTX 3000-TF Turboforce1000W12 LBS1 Year
Waring MG105Waring MG105500W10.2 LBS5 Years
Sunmile SM G31Sunmile SM G31250W7.9 LBS1 Year
Waring Pro MG855Waring Pro MG8551000W13.8 LBS5 Years

Meat Grinder Reviews - Norpo Meat GrinderNorpro Meat Grinder, Mincer and Pasta Maker

This manual meat grinder and pasta maker is ideal for those who will only be grinding small amounts of meat and don’t wish to break the bank when it comes to price. The Norpro Meat Grinder will also grind nuts, vegetables and stale bread for crumbing, as well as creating home-made pasta.

For those who wish to use this grinder primarily for meat, be aware that if you are going to grind large amounts of meat you may wish to try a different grinder, this is a great budget grinder, but not one that will take heavy-use very well.

Included with this unit is an instruction and recipe book, suction-locking pestle, meat grinding plate, sausage funnel and plastic tray.

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Meat Grinder Reviews - STX 3000-TFSTX INTERNATIONAL STX 3000-TF Turboforce 3-Speed Electric Meat Grinder

The STX meat grinder comes with three different sized stainless steel cutting plates that can be matched with liked size grinding plates for a precise grind on whatever meat you happen to be grinding. The standard 12 grind ensures a large and fast output which makes it perfect for those grinding large quantities.

The STX 3000-TF may cost more than many other grinders on the market today but its quality and output can’t be faulted and so it is well worth the investment. It is the perfect electric meat grinder for anyone looking to grind medium to large amounts of meat on a regular basis.

Meat Grinder Reviews - Sunmile SM G31Sunmile SM G31

The Sunmile G31 is the perfect meat grinder for anyone wishing to upgrade from a manual grinder to an electric one. It is perfect for home use and grinding up small quantities of meat with zero effort. Due to it’s small size and compact design this grinder won’t take up much room in your kitchen either.

The grinder is made from die-cast aliminium and also features a removable aliminum neat try. Also included are three cutting attachments as well as attachments for sausage stuffing.

With easy clean features and a compact and light-weight design, the Sunmile SM G31 is a great meat grinder for those with little space who just want to grind meat at home from time to time.

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Meat Grinder Reviews - .75HP Stainless SteelLEM Products .75HP Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinder

This powerful, commercial strength meat grinder is capable of grinding 360 pounds of meat in an hour. This grinder is a well-built, durable and quality grinder that comes with a two year warranty.

Anyone looking to grind large amounts of meat can’t go wrong with the .75HP Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinder. Included are three plates and three stuffing tubes as well as a stainless steel knife, meat stomper and auger.

Easily one of the best meat grinders on the market today, it’s easy to see why consumers have nothing but praise for it.

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Meat Grinder Reviews - Waring MG105Waring MG105 Professional Meat Grinder

The Waring Pro grinder is an affordable grinder aimed at those who are new to meat grinding. It comes with three cutting plates which range from coarse through to fine. Also included with this meat grinder are two attachments for sausages.

The 500 watt motor is adequate for medium use and comes with a 5-year warranty for peace of mind.

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Meat Grinder Reviews - STX 3000-MFSTX INTERNATIONAL STX 3000-MF Megaforce Patented Air Cooled Electric Meat Grinder

This heavy duty meat grinder is suitable for anyone wanting to grind large quantities of meat and bone. The 3000 watt motor comes with an air induction cooling system that will help significantly extend the life of the motor. With it’s very powerful motor and food grade cast aliminium design, it’s easy to see why they called this ‘Megaforce’

Accessories include three stainless steel cutting blades that can be matched with corresponding grinding plates as well as three different sized sausage filling tubes and beaner plate.

This powerful, heavy-duty meat grinder is ideal for those who seriously like to grind meat!

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Meat Grinder Reviews - Waring Pro MG855Waring Pro MG855 Professional Die-Cast Metal Housing Meat Grinder

The Waring Pro MG855 is an upgraded version of the Waring MG105 with the main difference being a less expensive price and a larger hopper. Inside is the same powerful motor and comes with a shiny stainless steel appearance.

Grinding meat for burgers and filling sausages has never been easier, the MG855 comes with three cutting plates in a variety of sizes so that you can achieve a variety of different grinds. Also included with this meat grinder is two sausage attachments (thick or thin sausages) and a five year warranty.

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Meat Grinder Reviews - LEM 1 HP Stainless SteelLEM Products 1 HP Stainless Steel Meat Grinder

The LEM 1HP has glowing consumer reviews and it’s easy to see why. This is a heavy-duty grinder in every single aspect, it weighs close to 70 lbs and can process large quantities of meat and bone at lightning fast pace. It can actually get through 550lbs of meat in an hour.

This grinder has it all, amazing consumer reviews, amazing speed and power, but it does come at a price. This is a premium meat grinder, made for those looking to grind some serious meat, but you’ll need a hefty budget too!

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Meat Grinder Reviews - Sunmile G33Sunmile G33 Meat Grinder 1HP

The Sunmile G33 is a quality meat grinder that won’t cost the earth. It comes with a 400 watt motor which is enough to grind up to 170 lbs of meat per hour. Perfect for those who want power but are also on a strcit budget.

With the Sunmile G33 comes one stainless steel cutting blade, one set of various size stainless steel cutting plates, one plastic food pusher and one set of sausage attachments.

Meat Grinder Reviews - Sportsman MEG300Sportsman MEG300 Electric Meat Grinder

The Sportsman MEG300 is a 250W power rated grinder that can grind up to 100 lbs of meat per hour. One of the cheaper meat grinders on the market today, it still comes with glowing consumer reviews despite the very-low price point.

Included with the Sportsman MEG300 are three cutting plates for a fine, medium or course grind, a kubbe attachment, food stuffer and sausage tube.

Things To Consider When Looking At Meat Grinder Reviews


The amount of meat you wish to grind is a very important consideration when choosing a new grinder. If you will be using a meat grinder casually then you can purchase a cheaper manual grinder. However, if you are going to be a regular user then an electric meat grinder will be a much better option but also more expensive.


Meat grinders can vary hugely in price, low-end budget grinders can cost as little as $60 USD, high-end grinders on the other hand can be well over $600 USD.

It is very easy to be tempted into over-spending on a meat grinder with features you don’t even require. Be sure you know exactly what you require from a meat grinder before you start shopping through meat grinder reviews as you don’t want to fall into this trap.